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and metalworking products worldwide.

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Message from the President, Kunio Sato

We believe wholeheartedly in “Creativity”. The ideal living environments and products that people seek
have all come about through their understanding, knowledge and creativity.
This will be the case throughout the future.
With this strong faith in never curtailing the efforts to create solid and practical solutions,
capable of infinite possibilities, we believe that people can continue to enrich our world.
KST contributes to the efforts of “creative minds” around the world with our highest
standard bolts, nuts, screws and machinery tools. We welcome being a part of the
creative process from the outset, where necessary, to help our partners bring their plans to reality.

President, Kunio Sato

Corporate Profile

Address : Uno Bldg. 2F, 2-4-14, Tokui-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka, JAPAN
Post Code : 〒540 - 0025
Tel : + 81- 6 - 6966 - 5217
Fax : + 81- 6 - 6966 - 5218
E-mail :
Access : easy access from Kansai Airport arround one hour by Train, Car, or Coach